Has Plenty been audited?

  • Currently deployed smart contracts of Plenty were audited by Apriorit.
  • Currently deployed bridge smart contracts were audited by Least Authority.
  • Plenty's new ve system is currently undergoing an external audit.

What are the risks involved?

Security audits don’t eliminate risks completely so it’s still possible a vulnerability be found in Plenty's smart contracts.
On top of the Plenty smart contracts themselves, whenever you join a pool, you’re also accepting systemic risks from the coins in the pool. For example, if you do not want to have exposure to Ctez, then you cannot join a pool that has it.
On top of its audits, Plenty smart contracts have held several millions for almost a year and it goes without saying that hackers would have already unsuccessfully tried numerous times to steal those funds.

What happens if one of the coin in a pool loses its peg?

Due to the liquidity pool mechanism, if one of the coin in a pool were to significantly lose its peg, the liquidity providers would hold almost all of their liquidity in that currency.
Last modified 2mo ago